There is no diocese in the United States whose history is more entwined with that of the United States than ours. The diocese’s attempts to understand its complicity in slavery and reconcile its sin is ongoing.

St. Philip’s Richmond was founded in 1861 and St. Stephen’s Petersburg was founded in 1867. When the Diocese of Virginia and the Diocese of Southern Virginia separated in 1892, St. Philip’s remained with the Diocese of Virginia. St. Stephen’s, however, became part of the Diocese of Southern Virginia and thus became the oldest African American church in the diocese.

St. Stephen’s, Petersburg 1867 – visit
St. Paul’s Memorial Chapel, Lawrenceville 1882
Grace, Norfolk 1883 – visit
St. Mark’s Bracey 1883
St. Thomas, Freeman 1887
St. James, Warfield 1887
St. James, Portsmouth 1893
St. Augustine’s, Newport News 1897 – visit
Christ Church, Halifax, 1905
St. Cyprians, Hampton 1905 – visit
St. Mark’s, Suffolk 1915 – visit
Trinity, South Hill 1961

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