Very few youths responded to the survey, so two members of the Nominating/Search Committee attended the November Weekend—a diocesan youth event at Camp Chanco—and presented data from the questionnaire. The youth were also given questions to discuss in groups and then shared their responses in an open discussion.

The youth at this event value the inclusive community of being Episcopalian. Many serve their churches as acolytes and find their church (whether through youth group, mission trips or diocesan youth events at Camp Chanco) to be a way to meet new people and make new friends. They appreciate that the ECUSA is grounded in tradition, but also open to new things and willing to adapt to make room for different people.

Our youth enjoy being together and crave more opportunities to gather, either for volunteer work or just to hang out. The youth desire to connect with parishes who are not involved with youth events. Some also expressed a wish to reinstate an elected youth board so that they may have a voice at the diocesan level.

They hope for a Bishop who is a kind and virtuous role model for the church and who will bring the diocese closer together. The youth want a bishop who is visible and who will be seen praying with the community. Many also expressed a desire to see someone younger and more relatable to youth.

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