Are you open to exploring whether God might be calling you to ministry with us in Southern Virginia?  Are you ready to inspire, equip, and provide pastoral support to our clergy, to be in fellowship with our parishes large and small, to engage our youth, and with us, develop and live into our common vision and mission in the coming decade?

The topics identified below are an outflow from both the “questionnaire” and the “listening sessions:” Below each topic are representative responses from both clergy and laity.  They illustrate the breadth and depth of each topic through the voices of the members of the diocese.

A Pastoral Bishop…

“A pastoral bishop who will offer Spirit-led and administrative leadership, and who will attract clergy to the area”

“Increased pastoral care for clergy, good stewardship of God’s blessings, strong pronouncement of the Gospel message”

“We need someone who will care, will love us, who loves God and can tell us so!”

“A bishop with good pastoral skills for the clergy”

“A mentor to all the clergy”

“I would want a kind, shepherding, and interactive bishop”

A Bishop that will provide leadership, compassion, education, and openness

A Bishop who is present and visible …

“A Shepherd who puts the Diocese first, spends his/her time out-in-the-field with the Congregations”

“Be visible and “show-up” around diocese and events”

“The Bishop should be more personally active in parishes beyond the visit for confirmation.”

“I’m hoping the new bishop will be more visible to the people. I know DioSoVa is large, but it would be nice to see the Bishop make a point to visit every church in the Diocese without being asked by a parish to do so.”

“A Bishop who is involved and engaged with the Parishes”

“A Bishop who is “present” and visible…and makes us want to be better Christians”

 Are you a strong relationship builder?

“find more opportunities for clergy and lay collegiality than a 24 hour gathering at Council; find ways to meet people where they are through presence and technology”

“Thinking anew about diocesan structures. Finding ways for a diocese and its churches to be in relationship. Helping both respond to people and churches on the edges – geographically, socially”

“a bishop that seeks out and encourages a wide range of diocesan participation; and God’s spirit to drive us to minister and inclusive participation”

“a bishop who will inspire us to work together and love each other”

“a bishop that builds more intense community within the churches in the diocese”

Will you be an unapologetic preacher of the Gospel?

“The bishop should be chief evangelist in the diocese, not just a ‘good Episcopalian’”

“God is calling us to join the Jesus Movement that is led by Michael Curry, our Presiding Bishop”

“That our next Bishop would be a person of commitment and faith. That the Bishop would be a true servant of God”

A bishop who proclaims their faith in Jesus Christ with the ease and sincerity and LOVE that P.B. Michael Curry does

Bishop Curry gets it – we, and our future leaders, need to celebrate and join him in the Jesus Movement in the 21st Century Episcopal Church

Can you cast the Vision?

“Need a bishop who can show leadership for entire diocese – clarify (articulate) a vision and pull us together to move towards that vision”

“The Bishop needs not only be our chief pastor, but also a prophet who can discern the signs of the times, and call the church to action”

“Elect a Bishop that believes unwaveringly in the divinity of Jesus Christ and has deep understanding of and respect for the Holy Scripture”

Will you be a supporter of Youth Ministry?

“A Bishop who is a strong supporter of Chanco and our youth”

“A bishop who will take more of an active role in our youth by being present several times a year at diocesan sponsored activities.  The hope is to see this as an opportunity to build relationships with this community who are the present and future of our church.”

“YOUTH ENGAGEMENT. Connect and meet them at their point of need…. maybe a Bishop who messages them!”

“ACTIVE support for our youth programs from our bishop. It’s not enough to give the work to a youth missioner without support from the top.”

“Help people see church isn’t just for older people”

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